filius-kaas-groothandel-tholenWelcome to Filius cheese!
Dutch artisan cheeses are an isolated concept in our cheese making Netherlands. Coming from a family with decades of experience in “the world of cheese,” the next generation brings a wide variety of cheese products produced with a modern contemporary edge.

Filius Cheese is a wholesaler of various products including Dutch and foreign cheeses. We are located in a modern building in Tholen. Our Company provides the space needed to process a wide range of cheeses and store. From the authentic Tholen we provide our customers with high quality dairy products daily. Quality, reliability and service are Filius Cheese paramount.

For the production of our cheeses, we only work with manufacturers that meet the highest quality standards as required by the Commodities and HACCP standards. Also, our producers have the necessary international certifications such as BRC, IFS and QLIP. Because we are largely self-delivery of our products and have managed to work with a reputable transport company we guarantee a reliable and efficient delivery.

Mac Filius.