Quality in fresh cheese

It’s all about quality. All the cheese we deliver is top notch. In our modern building in Tholen (The Netherlands) we have enough space to cool our products. If desired, we deliver the cheese directly from the farmer to the customer. You can’t get it fresher anywhere!

Due to the right temperature, the right coating and the perfect age of our products we’re able to deliver a constant quality every day. We offer both whole cheese and cheese in large and small packages. In addition, we cut and pack them in the size you want to. We’re in contact with many Italian producers and authentic farms. A large part of our range therefore consists of Italian cheese. A fair amount of these products is exclusively available at FiliusKaas.

Our cheese

Dutch cheese

The Dutch cheese we offer is labeled with the ‘Gouda Holland seal of quality’. This seal guarantees that the cheese is made of Dutch cow milk, is produced according to original and ancient Dutch recipe and ripened in The Netherlands.

European cheese

Our assortment consists among other things of French, English, Swiss, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese cheese. We collect these cheeses directly from the farmer/producer. In this way we’re able to keep optimal control about our products.

Our products